Our Mission



“Executing certification services in a wide range of business in a flexible, efficient and professional way.”

The members of International Certification Group are all accredited certificationbody´s around the world – which means that together we can offer a full range certification process regardless of the location. 



Section 1 –Preamble                                                                                     

This section summarizes ICG's mission and core values. 



Section 2 -Purpose & Commitments                                       

This section provides an overview of the Code's main functions and a brief guide for dealing with ethical issues or dilemmas in certification practice.



Section 3 –Business & Ethical Principles                                        

This section presents broad professional and ethical principles, based on certification’s core values that inform certification practice.



Section 4 - Enforcement of the Code of Ethics  

This section mentions the parties concerned by the Code, the circumstances by which they have to comply with and the breach clause to this Code.







Section 1- Preamble


By editing the present document, ICG members show their willingness to establish common ethical rules of conduct at work and within the organization and all together provide services that shall comply with their customer requirements and the highest expected technical quality standards regarding auditing and certification.


Section 2- Purpose of the Code and Commitments


The purpose of the ICG Code of Ethics is to:


-      Promote a common ethical environment for the certification bodies members of ICG, for quality sake, risk management, corporate governance and internal control processes;


-      Develop at best a common strategy of marketing and appropriate communication tools in the fields of CE Marking Product Conformity, Management Systems Certification, Sustainable Development …


-      Help one another in the field of auditing and certification or any other related field of expertise;


-      Generally speaking, implement all means contributing to the development of new products and to the improvement of ICG members’ activity; 


-      Establish best practices that are to be observed by all stakeholders with respect to the professional code of conduct rules applied to the internal organisation and control processes within ICG to ensure the transparency of procedures and the respect of selection criteria; 


-      Promote the common interest of the members in all kinds of national and international meetings. 







We, founding and/or active members of ICG, hereby, commit ourselves to observing and enhancing the basic principles for which ICG has been originally created as follows:


-      Focusing on our association members’ needs and requirements by adopting a dynamic and positive attitude; working in synergy and for the benefit of the members of the association;


-      Enhancing priority actions based on our strategic policy plan as approved by the General Assembly through a proactive attitude;




-      Relying on our local partner members and enhancing customer focus for client proximity sake;


-      Adopting a network-like work approach;


-      Being aware of the accountancy and representation of all our members through our Board of Directors.




We all adhere to common core business values, ethical principles and standards as below (Sect. 3 & 4).




Section 3- Ethical Principles & Principles Relevant to the Profession


Those principles can be considered as the main challenges that ICG members have to face up with: 


-      Voluntary involvement in the Association’s activities and promotion of the business;


-      Independence


-      Competence


-      Integrity 


-      Confidentiality


-      Transparency


-      Members’ mutual respect within the organization and respect shown toward the association itself;


-      Refusal of the members to express themselves individually in the name of the association and never to commit themselves without having formally be delegated to do so by the Senior Management;


-      Capacity of the members to reject any exception to, or infringement of the ethics principles and ethical rules of conduct generally admitted by the profession; 


-      Capacity of the members to avoid criticism or negative value judgment on one or several of their association members;


-      Recognition of the Board of Directors as the competent body who can address a conflictual issue or a case of failure to abide by this Code.


-      Commitment to the above rules of conduct;






Section 4 - Enforcement of the Code of Ethics


This code of Ethics applies to all ICG entity members who carry out certification audit reviews -including via outsourced service providers- and realize certification.


Any breaches to the Code of Ethics will be evaluated and administered according to ICG’s Bylaws.